Saturday, 30 July 2011

Maha-Aradhana in St. Anne's

On 30th July Fr. Michael Bansode along with the youth group team animated and conducted a grand Adoration Service with audio-visuals and a lively music team. The Adoration was held in St. Anne's Church to prepare the people for the forthcoming visit of the casket and relic of Don Bosco next week.

The whole event was a Spirit filled and electrifying experience for the people. People turned out in large numbers for this spiritual experience. The youth of St. John's, Bhingar under the leadership of Fr. Michael gave their best and created a memorable evening for the people.

Sunday, 24 July 2011


 The altar servers of Ahmednagar region plunged into an inter-parish football tournament organized by St. John’s Church, Bhingar. It was pleasant to see the different teams in their colourful uniforms warming up and planning their strategies. The mini tournament witnessed participants from the three Salesian parishes of Ahmednagar – St. Anne’s, St. John’s and Don Bosco, Savedi. It was a sight to see the budding players play with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. The final match was played between St. John’s and Don Bosco, Savedi. Don Bosco lifted up the trophy after a tough competition from the hosts St. John’s Church, Bhingar.
The winning teams celebrated the occasion with a great deal of fanfare. Despite the results all sports lovers of the Parish enjoyed the day, meeting others, exchanging pleasantries and creating a bond of friendship amongst each other.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

History of the Parish

St. John’s the Baptist Church; Bhingar Camp was first established in 1833.  The present Parish Church was built in 1851.Ten years later the residence was set up in the same campus by the Jesuits.   In the early years of parish the Capuchins were in charge then there were diocesan priests.  The Jesuits followed and had the care of the parish for 130  years.   Till 1996 when the Bishop of Pune entrusted the pastoral care of St. John’s Parish to Salesians of Don Bosco.  

In 1995 St. John’s was bifurcated into another two new parishes namely: St. Anne’s and Don Bosco Savedi.  Thus St. John became the smallest of the three parishes.  From 1995 till 2002 St. John’s and St. Anne’s had an independent existence. At the end of 2002 a new centre was inaugurated at Kedgaon for the growing activities of BGVK which was in the Bhingar campus. But since June 2003 the confreres of the two presences have been joined together as a single community with a Rector who resides at St. Anne’s. 

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